Termite Control Summerfield FL

For the vast majority of people, their most expensive possession is their home. For the business owner, it may be their facility. The price tag for the structure is only the beginning. There is money to be spent in maintaining it. There is water and other utilities, and also the maintenance of the outside property. Damage to the structure can result in substantial loss of money, free time, not to mention happiness. For these reasons, you must know the importance of protecting your investment from one of the most notorious and resourceful pests to a home or business structure – the termite. If you live in the surrounding area of Summerfield, fortunately you have ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions to eliminate or prevent that problem.

The Threat
The subterranean termites are adept at finding entry points in your home. They have jaws which they use to eat at the wood, an integral part of the structure. Their greatest weapon, however, is their subversion. They are known as cryptobiotic animals, and they live up to that label. By the time most homeowners see them, extensive damage has taken place. If termite damage is discovered, you can expect to spend approximately $3,000 on average to get it fixed. That is why you should call ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions for a preventive inspection.

Signs and Risk Factors
If you have unexplained holes in your wood or molding, or sawdust that you have no other reason to see, it can potentially spell termite trouble. Termites, more so than other bugs, require moisture to live. They are quite susceptible to drying out if they are in the open air for too long. To avoid this when navigating outside, they tend to build mud tubes so they can take some wet soil when they go from the colony to the wood. This also means that if you have wet areas around the immediate perimeter of the house, they will be preferred places for them to enter the home or building.

Another risk factor are foundational cracks. Those should be caulked as soon as possible upon detection. They provide an extremely easy entry point for these wood eating insects.

Our Service and Guarantee
If you do not remember the last time you had a termite inspection, it may be time to get one. When you call us, we will set up a prompt appointment, and will check your home or business as thoroughly as our own. If there indeed is a termite presence, we will use the reliable Premise Pro to get rid of them. If there are none, then it will be used to keep them out. 

After we apply the product to the immediate perimeter of the structure, we guarantee it for a period of seven years. It is bonded to $2 million. However, be sure not to switch out your mulch immediately or shortly after the application is laid down. It will need time to soak all the way through to the dirt. It is best to wait a couple of weeks. We will also perform annual renewal inspections after treatment to make sure no activity is detected. 

Contact Us
Protecting your home or business from termites is far too important a job to leave to anyone but the most qualified. The educated and dedicated staff at ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions will ensure that if there are termites present, they will be found and removed, and guaranteed not to return for years. Serving the Summerfield area, contact us for an appointment today.