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Our neighboring county of Sumter has an eye-catching mixture of flora and fauna. As diverse as their biology, they also have an equal diversity of houses and businesses. ADVANTAGE GREEN Green Lawn & Pest offers our service to the neighboring Sumter County, including the small, welcoming city of Wildwood. We are here to make sure the residents and business owners have a beautiful landscape free of unwanted pests, and we take their landscapes as seriously as we take our own. We are a leader in Central Florida for all things related to grass and plant care, and our expansion has come by our consistently positive results.

The settlement that eventually became the city of Wildwood was founded in 1877. The land was settled after a surveyor found the area’s heavily wooded areas attractive during the running of telegraph lines southward. It was referred to as the “wild wood” area when they were referring to their position. I.E. Barwick was the first official settler, and the new community built itself primarily on agriculture. In 1881, a post office was established, also called Wildwood. It took a while to grow, because the railroad had not been constructed in the area for a while, so there was no quick way to conduct trade of crops. 

The city became incorporated 12 years after its founding, in the year 1889, and took its original moniker of Wildwood. Today, it covers 5.2 square miles, all of which is land. As of the 2010 census, Wildwood reported 6,709 citizens, which was a 71 percent increase from the previous decade. Due to its location in the middle of four major highways in the center of the state, residents have efficient travel to both coasts of Florida, so the city’s unofficial nickname is “The Crossroads of Florida.”

The city of Wildwood does not have its own independent school district. Its public school children attend Sumter District Schools. Headquartered in the city of Bushnell, it has four elementary schools, one middle school, two middle high schools of grades 6-12, and one high school. Graduation rates in this district are consistently above average.

Business and Economy
This small city is made up primarily of small, locally owned businesses. From restaurants, to service based industries similar to ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions, to retail stores and lodging. A significant part of the economy also revolves around its tourist attractions and historical sites. 

Attractions and Recreation
Dade Battlefield State Park encompasses 80 acres, and is on the site of a battle between the Native Americans and United States soldiers that took place in 1835. Each January, a re-enactment of the battle is held. Also in this park is a visitor center that has information about the battle. The rest of the park includes a recreation hall, picnic area, and a children’s playground. The park is noted for the diversity of its wildlife. The ecosystem includes various birds, snakes, and turtles, which can be observed while walking the park’s trail.

Wildwood is also home to a KOA campground, for the campers who enjoy access to amenities. The location of the campground is also in the center of some beautiful natural layouts, that have some plant features that ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions can help replicate on your own property. In every direction there are forests, open clearings, lakes, rivers, and wetlands that are unaltered. Natural springs are also nearby. You get the best of both worlds, as the towns are not too far away to stop in and get something to eat or drink.