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ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions finds it easy to relate to communities that have been established on a successful harvest. The people of that town will definitely be aware of the importance of proper plant care in order to gain a healthy, plentiful bounty. What Weirsdale is to citrus fruit, ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions is to grass, trees, and ornamental plants. We deliver consistently effective service and products to people of this friendly unincorporated community, and would love to add more to our roster of satisfied clients.

Overview and History
In the metropolitan area of Ocala, Lake Weir is a popular attraction. A large inland lake of nearly nine square miles in area, it provides much in the way of recreation, fishing, boating, swimming, and nature watching. On the land at the southeast end of Lake Weir is a town called Weirsdale. This and many other communities around this area got their start in the latter half of the 19th century after the railroad made its way to Lake Weir. This enabled the faster transportation of fruit and other goods, enabling greater commerce and spiking demand. 

Before the arrival of the European settlers, Lake Weir and the surrounding land was harvested by Native American tribes. But by the end of the 19th century, the vast majority of tribes lived west of the Mississippi River.

In 1892, the community established a post office, and named it Weirsdale, after the lake. Eventually, that is also the name the town would take. 

Business and Economy
The town of Weirsdale has been known and associated for a long time with the industry of citrus packing. However, they do not just pack and ship them in this town, they also grow them. There are several citrus groves, owned and maintained by people who know how to cultivate a healthy and tasty fruit, similar to how ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest knows how to cultivate a healthy flower, tree, or yard of turf. 

There is also an array of retail shops and stores, as well as restaurants. One of Weirsdale’s most noted restaurants is Eaton’s Beach Sandbar & Steam Shack. It not only provides great food, but also a beautiful sight and activities. They market their food as “Florisiana Cuisine,” a mixture of Florida and Louisiana dishes. On the outside, an attractive deck and dining area overlooks Lake Weir, whose clear water is a sight to behold. In addition, there is often musical entertainment available, as well as paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis, and pontoon boats available for rent.

Entertainment and Recreation
Eaton’s Beach is not the only place to go for live music. What used to be the old gymnasium of Weirsdale High School is now the Orange Blossom Opry. Mainly for bluegrass and country music fans, it has a packed concert schedule of the two genres, as well as tribute bands.

Being in the area of Ocala, horses also have a presence in Weirsdale. One of the town’s main attractions is undoubtedly the Grand Oaks Resort & Museum, which used to be under the name of the Florida Carriage Museum. This 400-acre attraction has been renovated and upgraded by the new ownership. Located in the museum are several artifacts such as antique carriages, as well as artwork. The museum clearly highlights the longtime friendship between horse and human. The resort has an RV area, and hosts a wide variety of horse related sports and competitions. Areas are available for rent for events such as weddings and banquets.