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Anytime you see an area that is growing at an exceptionally brisk pace, there is always a good reason. It is because the place is an all-around great place to live – it has economic, social, cultural, and aesthetic appeal. A prime example of such a community is a place known as The Villages. In fact, it has been the fastest growing community in the United States for three years in a row – 2014, 2015, and 2016. It is now one of the most sought after retirement communities in the entire United States. ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions is excited to be a factor in this growth by rendering our lawn and landscape care services to the residents and business owners of this community that is located in the very northeastern section of Sumter County.

The Villages is a relatively new community, dating back to only the 1970s. Two business partners, Harold Schwartz and Al Tarrson, ended up having to retain land they intended to sell, due to the 1968 federal law prohibiting selling land by mail. They originally turned the area into a trailer park. After selling less units than they had hoped, Schwartz bought out Tarrson’s half of the business. 

In the 1980s, Schwartz and his son began building amenities and more desirable homes. This started the trend of attracting new buyers, which resulted in more capital for expansion of land, homes, and more amenities. This streak has not stopped to this day. In just the matter of a few decades, The Villages has amassed a population of 157,000. These people live in the borders of an area 32.1 square miles, 1.3 of which is water. It goes to show the great things that can happen when effort is put in to bettering your property. Lawn and landscape care is part of this picture, and ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions has established ourselves as a true leader in this field.

Recreation and amenities are a very integral part of The Villages, due to it being a retirement community. The largest and most well-known type, unsurprisingly, is golf. The Villages currently has an astonishing 48 golf courses within its borders. Of these, 36 are executive courses, and are all nine holes. The other twelve are country clubs, ten of which are 27 holes, and two are 18 holes. As part of amenities and upkeep fees that residents must pay every year, executive level golf courses can be played as much as desired with no daily charge. Regardless of your skill level, there will be plenty of courses that will fit you just perfectly. ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions makes the same thing happen when it comes to lawn care. Regardless of the size or layout of your property, we can make it look fabulous.

Of course, golf is not the only sport available for play within The Villages. There are plenty of softball fields around the community, as well as The Villages Polo Stadium. In addition, in their recreation centers, there are swimming pools, as well as courts for games such as pickleball, horseshoes, bocce, and shuffleboard.
Virtually every night of the year, you can venture into one of the town squares of The Villages and find something to do, as there are always activities being put on. Inside their performing arts center, many comedy and musical concerts are held by big name artists.

People with canine family members will also find The Villages quite a desirable place, as they are home to several dog parks.