Pest Control Summerfield FL

Bugs are extremely resourceful animals. They know how to survive. This is proven by the fact that they represent the most numerous groups of animals on Earth. A side effect of this is, sometimes the interests of humans and bugs will collide. Houses and business facilities tend to have comfortable temperatures. They also are sturdy and secure, especially for very small animals looking for a safe place to build their colonies, lay their eggs, or establish their headquarters. Unfortunately, that also means they tend to modify their area, which means doing damage to our property. For those in the Summerfield area, ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions can help you get rid of these unwelcomed guests. We cater to both residential and commercial customers, and would love to add you to our roster.

The Service
Perimeter Pest Control deals with protecting against pests breaching the home. Not the ones who tend to keep to the lawn or the trees – that is part of our lawn care services. For commercial properties, this service is performed once per month. For residential customers, once per quarter will suffice in keeping your home free of pests. 

Our technicians will apply the pest control product up to three feet from the home or business. In addition, we thoroughly inspect the outside of your home for any cracks, and make sure to spray those areas, as well as window seals. We will also clear any cobwebs out of your shrubs or on the outside of the house.
Also, for the first visit, our technicians will treat the inside of your property. For all other visits throughout the year, we will only need to do the outside unless the very unlikely event occurs that there is a problem indoors. This service will get rid of:
•    Cockroaches
•    Drain flies
•    Nuisance ants
•    Spiders
•    And others

For an additional charge, we can also perform flea control on the inside. Our first visit will be made by appointment, due to us having to enter your house. After that, we simply do our work outside when it is due.

The Results
After our licensed and fully capable technicians perform their work, an invisible barrier will be created around your home or business. Crawling insects that would like to make your home their own will be turned away. They will want no part of what we have to offer. Our products keep them out, while not harming any beneficial plants or bugs. There will be an invisible residue that you will neither be able to see nor smell that will be guaranteed to last until our next treatment.

Contact Us
The track record of success of ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions is backed up by the fact that we have grown so much over the years with verbal referrals from existing customers. If you decide to entrust us with servicing your property, we will make sure that it becomes and remains pest free. Our company knows better than anyone what a valuable investment your property is, and we will treat it like our own. We have the best staff and products in the Summerfield region, and we will quickly deliver the results you are looking for. Give us a call or visit our contact page to set up an appointment. Our team looks forward to working with you.