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Ocala is one of only five cities in the world to use the title of “Horse Capital of the World.” Marion County’s seat is a place where the country and the city come together in a harmonious mix. A place rife with horse farms, but also a vibrant downtown area, and a beautiful residential area. All of these areas have one thing in common: they are increasingly turning to ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions to handle their turf and landscape flora. Whether you are a farm owner, a homeowner, or an urban business owner, our staff has the expertise to know how to see that your lawn and plants get proper nourishment, and are free of pests.

Long before the United States was even a thought, this area was occupied by people dating back more than 8,500 years ago. The area changed hands many times, crossing cultures and peoples. It remained occupied exclusively by Native Americans until the 1820s, when Florida was annexed as a state, and white settlers began to flock south to the new American territory.

Finally, in 1849, the new settlers began to establish around Fort King, which was used in the Second Seminole War. The developing economy in the settlement revolved around agriculture, especially of oranges. The settlement continued to grow in size and importance, and was formally chartered as a town in the year 1869. Just 16 years later, Ocala would convert itself to city status. Today, Ocala holds an official 56,315 residents as of the 2010 census, and has a 2013 estimate of 57,468. The city covers 38.63 square miles, all of which is land.

Business and Economy
Having components of the country and the city, the city of Ocala has a diverse business representation. Marion County Public Schools is the largest employer, followed by Munroe Regional Medical Center. Large retailers like Walmart and Publix are also well represented. The telecom giant AT&T, and technology corporation Lockheed Martin also have a significant foothold in the city. 

Of course, Ocala is most known for its horse farms. Many great racehorses have been born in this area, and have lived the rest of their lives here after their retirement. The greatest of all to have come out of Ocala is the immortalized Hall of Famer Dr. Fager, who set a record time of one mile on dirt that still stands five decades later. ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions is proud to help keep the pastures of his descendants and successors pest free.

During the autumn, the city hosts the Pumpkin Run Classic Car Show and Fall Festival, which has grown over the years into an attraction for people around the country to bring their classic models, as well as custom-made hot rods. 

The fine arts can also be enjoyed here as well. The Ocala Symphony Orchestra has spent the past four decades entertaining music lovers with their concerts. Currently, they perform at the Ocala Breeder’s Sales Pavilion. The Appleton Museum of Art opened in 1987 after five years of careful planning and construction. It features six galleries, an auditorium, and a café.

Sholom Park is a botanical garden that houses over 250 species of flora. You can observe all of them while walking a trail two miles long. Certain sections of the park can be rented for events, and is a popular place for weddings. The garden is immaculately maintained, just like ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest can do for the species of plants in your landscape beds.