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Traveling through the town of Lady Lake, you will see a mega-landscape of trees, flowers, plants, and lush grass. A lot of this is the result of work done over time, such as the Cathedral Arch of oaks, which spans above the main boulevard, providing shade and an awesome sight. That is exactly what ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions does on a smaller scale for the individual properties of some of its residents. Most of our work can show even faster results, as we have the knowledge and experience of cultivation to make all your plant life look exactly the way nature intended, and reach their full growth and color potential.

In the year 1883, when the Tropical Railroad made its way to the north end of Lake County, a decision had been made to construct a stop point. A small settlement was built around the stop point, the managers at the railroad decided to give the new area the name of Cooper. However, the settlers balked, and instead suggested the name of Lady Lake. This was the name of a nearby lake which had been given its name by the local Native American tribe.

With the establishment of the railway, along with the nearby lake, the new settlement was able to take off. Settlers from nearby lands began to flock to the area, and it was not long before a post office and general store was built. 

Dating back to its founding days, the townspeople saw the importance of beautifying the area. Many of the trees that overlook the modern town today were planted back in the late 19th century. Long before ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions came into being, residents knew that the quality of the outdoors played an important factor in making a town a nice place to live. We are proud to continue that tradition in Lady Lake and the surrounding towns and cities. 

During the 20th century, the town remained a relatively remote population of a few hundred people. In the 1970s, however, things began to change. The diversification of the economy of the surrounding area attracted more residents, and it was officially incorporated in 1925. As of the 2010 census, Lady Lake recorded a population of 13,926, and a 2015 estimate of 14,717. It has truly developed into a dynamic small town. The area of the town encompasses 6.7 square miles, 0.1 of which is water.

Lady Lake does not have its own independent school district. Its public school children attend the Lake County School District. The sole school that is located within the borders of the town is The Villages Elementary School of Lady Lake.

The town does, however, have its own public library, which is open each weekday.

Recreation Plantation is a wonderful place for the RV camper. It is family owned and operated, with a long list of amenities. This is not for campers who wish to rough it. The grounds contain an outdoor heated pool and Jacuzzi, laundry facilities and bath houses, tennis and volleyball courts, billiards, multi-purpose rooms, dog walks, a workout room, and more. All camping lots have electricity available, and they are WIFI and telephone ready. 

Water Oak Country Club Estates is semi-private, and has an 18-hole golf course that is surrounded by a setting of beautiful land, granted by nature, similar to what ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions can give your landscape. The club also has a restaurant with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.