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Marion County is made up of a diverse range of communities. They vary in size, industry, and attractions. The city of Dunnellon is no different in that it has a number of distinguishing features. However, one thing it has in common with its surrounding neighbors is it has home and business owners who want the highest quality lawn and landscape care for their properties. ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest is proud to serve these residents and businesses, bringing the finest staff and the latest and greatest products. We look forward to giving your property the individual program it needs.

Similar to some of its neighboring communities, Dunnellon was founded in the latter half of the 19th century, in the year 1887. What made this particular settlement different, however, was that it was not principally citrus or other agriculture that led the way to its growth, but phosphate. Just two years after people settled in this locale, the discovery was made, which led to a quick expansion of settlers and the development of mines. The selling of phosphate along with the development of the railroad enabled the growth and diversification of the economy, leading to timber and produce shipments. Before the railroad, the flow of the nearby Rainbow River was used for transportation. Dunnellon was incorporated in 1891, just four years after the founding of the settlement. Its original incorporation was that of a town, later changing its charter to a city in 1971.

Today, Dunnellon remains a small community, with just 1,733 residents reported at the 2010 census, with a 2015 estimation of 1,777. The city covers 7.4 square miles of area in the southwest corner of Marion County, 0.4 of which is water.

Business and Economy
Today, the economy of Dunnellon largely revolves around tourism. With the phosphate mines largely gone, the downtown area is home to retail – boutiques, gift shops, restaurants and other small businesses. Some of them are service based, similar to ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions. However, Dunnellon’s primary business attraction are things related to its outdoors.

Dunnellon does not have its own independent school district. Instead, its public school children attend Marion County Public Schools. Headquartered in Ocala, the district has a total of 65 schools, and nearly 42,000 students. Its motto is “Where Every Child Can Learn.”

Attractions and Recreation
Running through Dunnellon, as well as many other communities is the Cross Florida Greenway covers approximately 110 miles in Central Florida. The diverse small ecosystems are observable via a mixture of trails and recreational grounds. Depending on where you are in the greenway, you will have access to a variety of activities including boating, fishing, camping, equestrian related options, and playgrounds. Hiking and biking are a constant on the trails. Within the borders of Dunnellon, its individual trail covers 2.4 miles, and will take you over the Withlachoochee River. Dunnellon’s section offers the opportunity to watch many interesting species of wildlife including alligators and many birds. It will also take you past the old phosphate mining areas and railroad stops. Most people navigate the trail by foot or bicycle, however inline skating is also an option. 

Dunnellon also has five main historical sites. They are the Bethel Baptist Church, Dunnellon Train Depot, as well as the Historic Boomtown District, where many of the original buildings of the city are located. The Goethe State Forest, named after an early sawmilling family in Marion County, and the town’s first Presbyterian Church.