Lawn Care Summerfield FL

The lawn is generally the largest part of your landscape, and a valuable part of your property. Having an attractive landscape can raise the value of your property by as much as 20 percent. That is not the only reason your lawn is important. For a homeowner, the lawn is a part of the family’s living space. Spending time outside on a nice day is one of life’s simplest privileges. Sports and games are played on lawns. Family gatherings – birthdays, reunions, and holidays – are celebrated there as well. And sometimes, even weddings. All of these things are much more enjoyable and attractive if the lawn is healthy, thick, and green. A beautiful sight tends to put people in a better mood, and the pictures taken for the sake of memories will also look that much better. For this to be the case, your lawn and landscape must receive proper care. In the vicinity of Summerfield, you will find no more capable hands than the staff at ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions. Lawn care is a time consuming and year-round task, and we have the knowledge and diligence to touch each lawn with the individual personal care it needs.

Our Lawn Care Program
Our fertilization and weed control program is done in eight steps. Since turf in this area grows actively 11 out of 12 months per year, feeding the lawn and guarding against floral pests is nearly a year-round job. Each time we visit, your lawn will receive something different. Our program includes:
•    Pre-emergent and post-emergent applications at the beginning of the program and early spring. It will get a jump on early growing weeds.
•    The months of February through May is also when we perform grub control.
•    Micronutrients along with general weed control will be applied throughout the warmer months.
•    Root builders will be used throughout the entire year in our applications. Because we have such a long growing season, root strength and depth are                      especially important for maximum absorption of nutrients.
•    Aeration of the grass will loosen up the soil and enable the food and water to better reach the roots. If your grass is not aerated once per year, sedge grass          can end up growing in, and also crabgrass.
•    Applications for disease control and lawn damaging insects.
•    An anti-moss spray may be used on trees. Moss can reduce your trees’ foliage.
•    Irrigation consultations can be helpful to make sure of effective watering.
•    Our plugging will thicken out the thin spots of your lawn.

Our program is adjustable to fit the needs of your individual lawn condition and grass species. ADVANTAGE GREEN Lawn & Pest Solutions continuously stays abreast of the latest and most advanced fertilization and weed control products to keep your grass nourished. We like to say we “spoon feed the lawn.”

Fire Ants and Mole Crickets
Two additional services we offer are fire ant control and mole cricket control. For fire ants, a product called Top Choice is used once per year. It is also fully guaranteed for one year after the date of application.

The full elimination of mole crickets is not guaranteed. They can burrow very deep. We carefully time the treatment in order to get as many nymphs at the surface as possible.

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Our thorough and comprehensive lawn care services, combined with our fair, competitive price and personal touch make us the best choice in the Summerfield area. Call us or send us an email for more information. We look forward to building a relationship with you.